2Mex "My Fanbase Will Destroy You" CD

Produced by: Deeskee, Busdriver, Ikey Owens, LD, Liferexall, Single Helix, Nobody

Featuring: Busdriver, Murs, Verble, Stacey Dee, Ellay Khule, CVE, Cypher 7, Prince Po, Ariano

2010 Strange Famous/ Grimm Image

Description: The long awaited new album!  
Price: $10.99

2Mex "Singles Vol. 1" CD

Produced by: Nobody, Liferexall, Mum's the Word, Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm), Polyhedron, Omid, Evidence, Longevity, Jel

Featuring: Sick Jacken, Xololanxinxo, Liferexall, Busdriver, Longevity, Awol One

2007 Team 2mex

Description: The second release on the brand new Team 2mex label. This is the first volume of an official a side and b side collection of 2mex's singles.  
Price: $10.99

2Mex "Gloria Was A KROQer" CD-R EP

Remixed, remade, reworked and mashed up by Deeskee

No Guests

2006 Songodsuns Music

Description: This is a nice little collection of cover songs and mash-ups of some classic (and soon to be classic) KROQ stuff...dedicated to all the babydoll KROQers & hip hoppers in East LA /Pico Rivera/City Terrace/South Gate/Downey/Maywood/La Puente/Mid City and so on and so onů..  
Price: $9.99

2Mex "Knowhawk" CD-R

Produced by: Nobody, Nakia (At The Drive-In), ANT (Atmosphere), Daddy Kev, Liferexall, Smoke (Oldominion), Mum's the Word

Featuring: Qwel (Typical Cats), Sleep (Oldominion), The Shapeshifters, Gel One (EX2), Xololanxinxo, LMNO, Murs & MORE!

2004 Songodsuns Music/ Invisible Enemy

Description: 14 Cuts, unreleased studio sessions!!!!!! Includes 2 unreleased songs by Of Mexican Descent, 4 Unreleased 2Mex tracks with guests and a bunch of songs never before available on CD.  
Price: $10.99

2Mex "Unreleased Hits" (Revised Edition) CD

Produced by: Nobody, OD, Evidence, Mike Nardone, Jel, Jizzm, Mum's the Word

Featuring: The Visionaries, DJ ESP, Awol One, Kool Keith, Kazi, Kombo, PSC, Iriscience and more

2003 Basement Records

Description: Professionally re-mastered, new artwork and 6 tracks added to this collection of b-sides and unreleased material, including an alternate version of "Six Shooter". This is essential 2Mex material!  
Price: $10.00

2Mex & Awol One "Flow and Tell LIVE!" CD-R

Produced by: Nobody, OD Evidence, Mike Nardone and more.

Featuring: 2Mex, Awol One and special guest appearances by Busdriver.

2001 Memo Records

Description: If you caught them on the Flow & Tell tour, you'll love this...your favorite moments on CD. Professionally recorded live performances from all over the west coast and mid west.  
Price: $10.00

A.D.D.? & Deeskee "Sounds Of Thought" CD

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: 2Mex, Stacey Dee, Matre, Alpha MC

2010 SSOHH

Description: Some of that good ol' '99 s*** nice gritty beats, gritty raps an a hint of that little something of the long gone underground movement.  
Price: $10.99

All Her Exes (Xololanxinxo & Avatar) "It's Never Over" CD

Produced by: Avatar, Dj Obi

Featuring: Akuma

2010 Grimm Image Records

Description: Nice new wave throwback dance beats with a mix of socially conscious and off the wall sexual subject matter. Every song features Akuma of The Shapeshifters. Sure to get the party started! 10 Tracks!!!!!!!  
Price: $10.99

Akuma (Shapeshifters) "Eye In The Sky" Limited CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee, LA Jae, Avatar, Presto, Polyhedron (Rob Young), Liferexall, KDT

Featuring: Avatar, Existereo, Die, LA Jae

2004 i play x-box all day records

Description: Good news: Akuma finally released a solo album, which completes the Shapeshifters solo album discography. Better news: This was originally limited to 35 copies but he went ahead and made a final version of the album and it's going to be available for a while longer!  
Price: $10.00

Ariano "Music2BreakUp2" CD

Produced by: Ariano, LD, DJ Stimulus

No Guests

2007 Technicali Sound

Description: If you don't know who Ariano is, this is a good chance to get acquainted....one of the most underrated talents in the west coast scene. Best known for his work with LD, this is his solo effort.  
Price: $10.99

Avatar "Double Negative pt. 1" CD

Produced by: Avatar

Featuring: Smile-Oak (Cosmic Truckaz)

2003 Dumptruck Records

Description: Avatar's first "offical" solo joint, entirely self produced & engineered. 17 tracks deep!  
Price: $9.99

Awol One "The War Of Art" CD

Produced by: J-Zone. Jizzm, The Grouch, M. Fusion, Transducer, Doeboy, Pigeon John, Daddy Kev, DJ Rhettmatic, The Undergods

Featuring: 2Mex, KRS-One, Jizzm, Riddlore, Eyedea

2006 Corenerstone/ Ras

Description: The Wolrus is back with a brand new solo album for 2006! Not much to say except that this album is FR-FR-FRESH! Perhaps some of his best work since "Souldoubt". 13 Tracks total.  
Price: $10.99

Awol One "Afterbirth" IMPORT CD

Produced by: Factor, Daedelus, Subtitle, Escape Artists, Blue Sky Black Death, Monsieur La Roc, Cappablack and more

Featuring: 2Mex, Joe Dub, Matre, Akuma, Existereo, Jizzm, Ellay Khule, Busdriver, Luckyiam, Nocando, LA Symphony Circus & More

2008 2-99 Records, Russia

Description: Yet another collection of rare, previously unreleased and just obscure awol tracks!  
Price: $11.99

Awol One "Rebirth" CD

Produced by: Evidence, Jizzm, Mum's the Word, Tommy V, Omid, DJ Moves, Mike Nardone, Fat Jack

Featuring: Jizzm, 2Mex, Key Kool, Dannu, Subtitle, Vixen, Puzoozoo Watt, Busdriver

2002 Records Broken

Description: This is a nice collection assembled by Awol himself. This album is made up of rare out of print singles, hard to find album tracks and exclusive remixes.  
Price: $10.99

Beneath The Surface: Instrumentals CD-R

Produced by: Omid


2003 Beneath The Surface Music

Description: Instrumental version of the west coast classic! Now available on double vinyl!  
Price: $10.00

Broken Complex CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

Features: Intuition, Jess Imme, Pigeon John, Man Like Devin, Copywrite, Kadie 88, Eraserfase, Devon Lee

2010 Broken Complex

Description: The Broken Complex crew gathers together for this epic posse album 14 tracks! It's BC so you know it's a banger!  
Price: $10.99

Candy's .22 "A Girl And Her Gun" CD

Produced by: Coley Cole, Jukka, Deeskee, Scobra, Smoke, Self Advocate, Foundation, El Bruise, Rob Rush, Transducer, Oldmanintel

Featuring: Fatlip. 2mex, Mickey Avalon, Metfly, Nyquil, Azreal, LA Jae

2011 Grimm Image Records

Description: They're Back! Existereo of The Shapeshifters and Barfly of Oldominion are Candy's .22 and have finally released the long-anticipated follow-up to "Livin' La Vida Boo Hoo". Lots of brand new material and some re-vamped versions of tracks from the original Road Mix. 19 tracks in all!  
Price: $11.99

Chainsmokers Self Titled CD-R

Produced by: Liferexall, Mum's the Word, Deeskee, WD4D, Factor

Features: Doc, Lewd, Matre, Existereo, Tommy V


Description: Here's a special tour CD that these guys made...nice collection of remixed and re-mastered classics with some brand new material in between. 13 Tracks in all, a must have for any Chainsmokers fan!  
Price: $10.00

Circus and Friends (Shapeshifters) "Gangstaz Fo Gawd" CD

Produced by: Transducer, Asmar, Circus, Bamz and more

Featuring: Circus, Awol One, Shumagorath (Darkleaf), Ras Hebrew, DJ ESP, DJ Rob One

2002 Champion Sound

Description: BACK IN PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shapeshifters fans will love this one.......it's the classic Shifters sound that you grew up on!  
Price: $10.99

Circus & Andre Afram Asmar "Gawd Bless The Faceless Coward" CD

Produced by: Andre Afram Asmar

No Guests

2004 Mush Records

Description: You slept on this, so i'm going to put it in your face again! If you haven't checked out this album yet pick it up now! Nice price!  
Price: $9.99

Collective Elements CD

Produced by: LD, DJ Vadim, Hella Richtor, Tanasa Ras, Mastah Melodiks

Featuring: Dannu, 2Mex, Akil (J5) Gruf the Druid, Noah 23, Jah Sun, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated) and more

2010 Collective Elementts

Description: Our homies Collective Elements come straight out the Emerald Triangle with this 17 track killa showing their versatility moving from hip hop to dub to funk all in one fell swoop....  
Price: $10.99

Concrete Grooves "Next Impressions" Compilation CD

Produced by: Presto, Nobody, Omid, Fat Jack, Mum's the Word, DJ Haul, Mr French, DJ Rylo, and more!

Featuring: Speechwerks, Lowd, Kim Hill, Emma Lucia, J2 and more

2004 Concrete Grooves

Description: 17 Tracks, Mostly Instrumental follow-up to the hit "Impressions on Concrete" compilation, this time with a much more professional sound to it. For anyone who likes downtempo, acid jazz or (i hate this word) "Trip Hop" this is the album for you this year. I can't emphasize how good this album really is!  
Price: $12.99

Convenience Store "Apt. 227" CD

Produced by: evs, Joe Dub

Featuring: Joe Dub, Maleko, Ceschi, Raj, DJ Norm Rocwell, DJ Drugs

2008 la2thebay

Description: evs, Neila and Tommy V join forces and (finally) release this little time capsule! Recorded between 2002-2007 after many obstacles & hard drive crashes it's finally here.11 tracks of that classic sound!!!!  
Price: $7.99

Dave Dub (Endlessness In Machinery) "Industrial Death" CD-R

Produced by: DJ Roe, Tapemastah Stef, Fanatik, Architect

No Guests

1999/ 2002 Isolated Wax

Description: It's been FAR too long since we've been hit off with a new release by Dave Dub (Subcontents, Dub Brothers, Epidemic) But here it is! For all you old fans, this is exactly what you'd expect, no surprises. Sounds just like some classic Dave stuff, updated.  
Price: $10.00

Dave Dub (Endlessness In Machinery) "94 to 97" CD-R

Produced by: Tapemastah Stef

Featuring: Zest The Smoker, Keno, Player Priest

1997 Isolated Wax

Description: The first 2 EIM EPs on one CD! 1994's "Apacalypse of Lips" and 1997's "Experiment in Herb, Words and Sound". Includes rare live radio spots with legendary bay area radio DJ Spiderman (RIP).  
Price: $10.00

Dead Noise & WD4D "After School EP" CD

Produced by: Dead Noise & WD4D

No Guests


Description: It's been a long time since we've heard some good ol' WD4D bangers....6 tracks to keep you busy until the next installment!  
Price: $5.99

Deeskee "Audiobiograffiti" LIMITED CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: The Shapeshifters, The League, Impraktical, Busdriver, The Visionaries, Xololanxinxo, Murs, Ellay Khule, Subtitle, Joe Dub, Neila, Tommy V, Longevity, Gel Roc, Isaiah, Mestizo, Sleep, Qwel, DJ Roach, PEACE (Freestyle Fellowship), Volume 10, Fatlip (The Pharcyde), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Ikey Owens (Mars Volta), Ceschi, LD, Scarub, Brother J (X Clan), Z Man (One Block Radius), Sach, Thesis Sahib, Topic, evs, Premonition, WD4D, Rozzi Daime (Sa-Ra) and more....

2009 F*** LABELS

Description: After being bounced between several labels claiming they would release it, here it is in all of it's home made glory. 17 Tracks. Sorry folks, we expected this one 3 years ago! Limited to 30 copies.  
Price: 9.99

Deeskee "Hopeless Crooks INSTRUMENTALS" CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee

No Guests

2007 Invisible Enemy

Description: Just like it sounds, the instrumental version of Existereo & Deeskee's "Hopeless Crooks With Open Books" album.  
Price: $5.99

Deeskee "Blacklight" CD

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: The Shapeshifters, The League, Impraktical, Busdriver, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo, Subtitle, Joe Dub, Neila, Zez One, Rashinel and Eyecue, Dave Dub, Tommy V & Nonaim, Longevity, LA Jae, Devin 17, Inaudible Jon, Aceyalone, Gel Rock

2003 Subversiv records/ Invisible Enemy

Description: Sorry folks, the real thing sold out, but if you didn't get a chance to peep it the first time we have a little run of CD-Rs of this album at a really cheap price! Same artwork, same music... just a hand crafted version.  
Price: $7.99

Deeskee "Music By The Hour" Limited CD

Produced by: Deeskee


2004 Invisible Enemy Records

Description: You requested it, so here it is! Instrumentals from Neila "Vertical Trees", Xololanxinxo "Names", Deeskee "Blacklight Sessions" and More!!!! Limited to 200 copies.  
Price: $6.99

Die Young & Deeskee "Ravish" CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee

Features: 2Mex, Akuma, Awol One, Busdriver, Existereo, Liferexall, Xololanxinxo

2004 la2thebay/ Invisible Enemy

Description: Back by popular demand! Slept on at it's original release in 2004, it was never re-printed. Here's a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Home made copies!  
Price: $9.99

Die & M Fusion "Dead Air: Possession" CD

Produced by: M Fusion

No Guests

2006 Nice Records

Description: Picking up right where they left off, the diabolical dou of Die & M Fusion return with 14 new tracks of their own unique brand of techno-terror. If you enjoyed the first one you'll really enjoy this one too.  
Price: $10.99

Die & M Fusion "The Dead Air Project" CD-R

Produced by: M Fusion

No Guests

2003 Nice Records

Description: This is the CD re-issue of 2001's surprise hit vinyl EP, plus 3 brand new songs and re-makes of some of the original songs from the vinyl. 11 tracks in all. Very experimental sound!  
Price: $10.00

DJ Hoppa "Network Networth" CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

Featuring: 2Mex, Awol One, Josh Martinez, DJ Moves, KRS-One, Acid Reign, Mine+Us, Cleen, Sirah, General Populus & More

2008 Broken Complex

Description: Hoppa's back with more of his own brand of boom-bap hard hitting beats and turntable stylin'! Includes a dope remix of "Underground Killz". 16 Tracks total.  
Price: $10.99

DJ Hoppa "To April From June" CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

Featuring: 2Mex, Liferexall, Mine+Us, Cupid Lee, Akword, Sirus MC, Champ, Atypical, Mercury Waters, Shogun, Bias, Iconoclast

2004 Broken Complex

Description: The album that introduced up to DJ Hoppa and his crew....18 tracks total.  
Price: $10.99

DJ Hoppa & General Populus "Hop & Pop" CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

Featuring: Mine+Us, Cleen

2008 Broken Complex

Description: Nice good old fashined rap album, just like they used to be...13 tracks in all.  
Price: $10.99

Dumb "Paper Wrists" IMPORT CD

Produced by: 6tree, Kaliyuga, Dumb, Khid, Nargilen, Neveready

Featuring: Moonlit Man

2011 Blue Phantoms Network

Description: Our friends from Finland have done it again! More soothing music in that style all their own...if you have enjoyed some of the Finnish releases we have carried, this one is for you. 8 tracks.  
Price: $10.99

EK (Everybody Knows) "$10 Margarita From Vegas Mixtape" CD

Produced by: various

Featuring: 2mex, Bleubird, K-The-I???, Hollywood Mike, OG Tribe Wonder, James Barrie, Alektryxl, Mic Sessions, Chemicali

2011 Los Feo Faces/ Grimm Image

Description: Known best on the battle circuit, EK delivers a very well put together (and often hillarious) mixtape complete with noteworthy guests and a very interesting selection of beats. 19 tracks.  
Price: $9.99

evs "Therapy....?"

Produced by: evs, co-produced by Deeskee


2001 Halfway House

Description: Nice chill beats by evs, good music for any occasion. pieced together as 2 continuous programs, about 60 minutes of music.  
Price: $7.00

EX2 "Nemesis" CD

Produced by: Sirk, Jasiri, Deeskee, WD4D, Mike Nardone, Mascaria

Featuring: DJ Roach

2003 Abolano

Description: Third album from EX2 and better than ever. This album is more calculated and technical than their previous albums. Forget everything you know about EX2, it's time to start over again!  
Price: $10.99

EX2 "Resurgence" CD

Produced by: Mascaria

Featuring: Awol One, Jizzm, Existereo, Riddlore, Xololanxinxo, DJ Lime Green, DJ Roach, LA Jae, Deeskee

2010 Abolano

Description: It's been way too long, but it was worth it. EX2 and Abolano records are back and just keep making better and better albums! 13 tracks deep  
Price: $10.99

EX2 "Common Thread" CD

Produced by: Boise (CBS), Calm, Xczircles (Escape Artists)

Featuring: Awol One, Jizzm, Existereo, Riddlore, NgaFish, Ellay Khule, Tommy V, Origin, Sach, Haez, Otek, DJ Roach, Deeskee

2015 Abolano

Description: EX2 is back with 17 tracks of pure terror  
Price: $11.99

Existereo & Deeskee "Hopeless Crooks With Open Books" CD

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: 2Mex, Liferexall, Kemit & Longevity (Darkleaf), Medusa, Myka 9, Mickey Avalon, Metfly aka Andre Legacy, Akuma, LA Jae, Innaspace, Barfly, Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta), Axis (CBS), Mers (CBS) Gel Rock, Neila, and more

2006 Artistreet/ Dead Guy/ la2thebay

Description: Existereo & Deeskee bang out this 17 track epic. Digipac folds out to one framed panoramic piece of art (impossible to show here).  
Price: $10.99

Existereo "Dirty Deeds and Dead Flowers" CD-R

Produced by: Daddy Kev, Paris Zax, Lodge Infinite, evs, Mascaria, Deeskee, Jericho J, Jukka, In A Space (WhyKnows) and more

Featuring: Awol One, Busdriver, Darkleaf, Die, The League, Liferexall, 2Mex, Tommy V, Gel One (EX2), Mixmaster Wolf (Darkleaf/ Breakestra), Tha Limbz, LA Jae, DJ Roach and more

2003 Dead Guy Records

Description: The album that started it all....Existereo's first offical solo album. Contains a 16 page full color booklet of original concept art for each song, including original pieces by Saber and Mear. Just as much detail went into the music as the casting, packaging and artwork.  
Price: $10.99

Existereo "Crush Groove" CD-R

Produced by: Daddy Kev, Mascaria, Deeskee, Liferexall, M Fusion, Innaspace (WhyKnows), Longevity, KDT, Subtitle

Featuring: Awol One, The League, Old Joseph, LA Jae, Innaspace, Biru, Subtitle, Liferexall, Akuma, Mickey Avalon

2004 Dead Guy Records

Description: 16 tracks, 6 previously released and 10 brand new ones, plus a hidden track produced by and featuring Subtitle. YES, this is the album with all of those crazy songs he does at live shows..."I'm Exist-STEREO"!  
Price: $10.00

Existereo (Stereo 13) "Lo-Fi Hi-Def Deluxe" IMPORT CD

Produced by: VARIOUS

Featuring: Judd Nester, Gel Roc, Volume 10

2010 2-99 Records, Russia

Description: Full-Length extended offcial release! 14 tracks total.  
Price: $11.99

Existereo "Mix Drinks Vol. 1" CD IMPORT

Produced by: VARIOUS

Featuring: VARIOUS

2007 299 records, Russia

Description: NEW RUSSIAN IMPORT! Nice digipack, Slightly different artwork (not yet shown) and separate tracks! Don't let the name fool you....it looks, smells and tastes like a mix CD but the fact of the matter is that this is 98.7% previously unreleased material & exclusives  
Price: $10.99

Extra Kool "Evens Dead" CD

Produced by: Doctype, Awareness

Featuring: Existereo, Kool Keith, Jason The Argonaut (Disflex 6), Time

20010 Dirty Laboratory

Description: New release by our Colorado comrade Extra Kool. We've been collabin' for years and here's his latest and greatest work. 14 tracks to keep you busy.  
Price: $10.99

Extra Kool "Creature From The Whack Lagoon" CD

Produced by: Doctype

Featuring: Kirby Dominant, Time, Fantomes Suicidaires

2008 Dirty Laboratory

Description: If you caught his previous albums like "Mouth Full of Stitches" or "Tickled Pink" you know he always comes with something different...this album is no exception. This one is a gritty conceptual album based on films, personal experiences and just life in general.  
Price: $10.99

Ex Vandalz "Docile Takeover Vol. 1: Graffiti Brydge" CD

Produced by: Deeskee, Liferexall, Joe Dub, Mek, Perk One, Avatar, Vyente Ruffin, Ed Vernon, Philleano, DJ Lime, Sky Bermudas

Featuring: 2Mex, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), I Self Devine (Micranots), Existereo, Awol One, Andre Legacy (Metfly), Lord Zen (Visionaries), Shumagorath, Ellay Khule, Xololanxinxo, Avatar, Mek, Smashpop, L.O.R.D., Black Silver, K984, Jugganot

2007 Vandal Squad Records

Description: OOOOH! I know you've all been waiting for this one...the brand new full-length BANGER from the Ex Vandalz! The Beats, Rhymes, Artwork, everything on this project is 100% FLY! Includes tracks from the 12" EP.  
Price: $11.99

Factor "13 Stories" CD

Produced by: Factor

Featuring: Awol One, Sole, Joe Dub, Medusa, Ellay Khule, Onry Ozzborn, Sunspot Jonz, Sleep, Nocando and more

2010 Ooohh That's Heavy!

Description: Our prolific Canadian brother pops out 13 ridiculous tracks to keep you busy until the next album (which will probably be next week).  
Price: $10.99

Fat Hed "Night Train To Babble On" CD

Produced by: Kutmasta Kurt, Nocturnal Ron, DJ Fred C

Featuring: Awol One, Motion Man, Double K (People Under The Stairs), Crag Malkovich and more

2004 Dope Discs

Description: The latest from our homie Fat Hed, who you might know from appearances on albums by Kut Masta Kurt & Kool Keith, Ugly Duckling, Graffiti Kingz and more. This album is proof that you make better music when you're having fun. 14 tracks.  
Price: $6.99

Freestyle Fellowship "To Whom It May Concern" CD

Produced by: J Sumbi, Myka 9, Mathmattiks, All In All, Freestyle Fellowship

No Guests

2002 Basement Records

Description: The Fellowship's 4th album, and one of their best. If only they'd make another like this one....  
Price: $9.99

Gel Roc (EX2) "Beautiful Tragedy" CD

Produced by: Xczircles of Escape Artists

Featuring: Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Awol One, Vyrus, Aamir, Ecid, Longevity, Joe Dub, Neila, Lord Zen, Mestizo, Mike Eagle and more.

2011 Abolano Records

Description: Brand new solo album from Gel Roc as he follows up last year's super dope EX2 album. Every track is a banger and this is seriously some Gel Roc's best work! It's grimy and a little dark but heat the whole way through! 16 tracks.  
Price: $11.99

Gel Roc (EX2) "Laws and Flaws" CD

Produced by: Mascaria

Featuring: Awol One, Ellay Khule, EX2, DJ Roach, L*Roneous, 2Mex, Existereo, Zagu Brown (GPAC), Tommy V, DJ ESP

2006 Abolano

Description: It's been a long time...finally some new material from the EX2 camp! Gel One's Long awaited solo effort, jam paced with hit after hit. If you're a fan of EX2 or the Shapes this album is sure not to dissapoint!  
Price: $10.99

Giovanni Marks (Subtitle) "Marks In Angles" CD

Produced by: Giovanni Marks, Lazersword, Debruit

Featuring: Bleubird, Megabusive

2007 Team 2Mex

Description: The first official release from the brand new Team 2Mex label! Sub's albums just keep getting better and better, and this is no exception! 16 tracks (includes remixes of "Subtalk", "Scared In Cold Blood" and "Staylow 31".  
Price: $10.99

Impraktical "Imprints + Araknophobix + Abnormal = Impraktical" CD

Produced by: Jericho J, Deeskee, PBOFA, Tommy V, Anti-MC, Gunther B, evs, Da Goldenray, WD4D

Featuring: Joe Dub, Neila, Jundax, Agile (Complex Unknown), Chump Change Charlie

2003 Hannuman Records

Description: The official group effort by these folks...This is sort of a progress time-line album recorded between 1996-2001. 20 tracks, unreleased! Recorded during the era of "Noise Pollution", "Thinking Outloud", "Who Woulda Thunk" and "Phantasmagoria". Sound quality varys, but most of it was professionally recorded. Mastered and pressed, the vintage la2thebay sound is well worth the purchase if you're a fan!  
Price: $10.99

Intuition "Girls Like Me" CD

Produced by: Equalibrum, Dibia$e

Featuring: Nocando, Slug, Ex-I and more

2010 Hellfyre Club

Description: Gotta love this one...this is one of those albums that only shows up once eery couple of years where someone acually says what the rest of us think. 2010 top 10!  
Price: $10.99

Joe Dub "Pooretry" CD

Produced by: Joe Dub, Alex 75, Deeskee, Matth, Presto, Aksim, Kaliyuga Pro

Featuring: Nocando, Ellay Khule, Hugh E MC (BAY LEGEND!), Riddlore, Topic, Mestizo, Akuma, Existereo, 2Mex, Liferexall, Los Vegas, J King, Lord Zen, SP 83, Bleek, Quangou, Gel Roc, Regret, Neila, Ceschi, Subtitle, Die, Matre, Maleko, Tommy V, DJ Marz, DJ Handprints, DJ Ethos, Wrongone, DJ Observ

2007 Asita Recordings

Description: BOOOOYAAA! 3 years in the making, Joe's Magnum Opus "Pooretry" is finally here! 16 tracks of exactly what you want. Classic Joe Dub material produced, written and rapped by the OG home team...includes a ridiculous posse cut featuring the 2007 la2thebay all-stars.  
Price: $10.99

Joe Dub & Factor "Live in '75" CD

Produced by: Factor

Featuring: Awol One, Ellay Khule, Matre, Topic, DJ Marz, Kirby Dominant, Kay The Aquanot, Nolto, Chaps, Cam The Wizzard, Weez-L

2007 Sideroad Records

Description: Joseph crosses the sea and the border to smash out his Canadian debut. This is a really nice album, Well produced, well written, well styled...very well executed.  
Price: $10.99

Joe Dub (Young Joseph) "Summer Fling" CD

Produced by: Joe Dub, Alex 75, Deeskee, Nothang06

Featuring: Subtitle, Maleko, Existereo, Liferexall, DJ Marz, evs, Logic, Administer, Pilot Rase, Jesse (SFSM), and Tommy V

2001HighGround Records

Description: One of our most highly anticipated albums ever, now classic.  
Price: $9.99

Joe Dub (Young Joseph) "Noise Pollution" bonus re-release CD-R

Produced by: Joe Dub, Alex 75

Featuring: Rich (MSC) Brandon B (Supermarket), Neila, Circus, Existereo, Abstract Rude, JesSFSM, Tommy V

1998/ 2005 Asita Recordings

Description: Yes, here's a limited run of Joe's underground classic! Just keep in mind, the fact that it's on CD doesn't change the fact that it was originally recorded on a 4-track tape. The sound quality is still a bit rough around the edges but it is a little cleaner than the original tape version. Includes a bonus track by the Westcoast Workforce.  
Price: $9.99

Knives and Gasoline (Stacey Dee & Deeskee) "Love Songs For Crime Scenes" CD

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: Background Vocals: Busdriver, 2mex, Xololanxinxo; Cello: Erik Chapman; Violin: Chris Swanson; Congas: Jeff Fish; Horns: Danny Levin; Bass on tracks 4, 9, 10 Avatar; drums on 3 & 5 Butch Norton

2011 Grimm Image Records

Description: One half of the Returners, Stacey Dee & Deeskee are back with an interesting blend of alternative, punk, dowtempo, electronic and a touch of hip hop...a very dark eclectic, emotioanlly charged sound! If you're sick of the same old thing, try this one! 14 tracks  
Price: $9.99

Labwaste (Adlib & Subtitle) "Zwarte Achtegrond" CD

Produced by: Thavius Beck, Subtitle, Sixtoo, Daedelus, Dntel

Featuring: Busdriver

2005 Temporary Whatever

Description: The mad scientists of the LA scene finally team up after years of anticipation! This is some of the more technologically advanced science shit out there right now....dark, eerie electro death shock therapy shit...Enhanced CD also includes the video of "Dope Beat".  
Price: $10.99

LD & Ariano "A Thin Line" CD

Produced by: LD

Featuring: LMNO, RBX, 2mex, Key Kool, Liferexall, Akil (Jurassic 5) Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Live Radio

2006 Technicali Sound

Description: Southern Cali's baddest MC/ DJ Combo LD & Ariano's debut LP ain't no joke! 18 bangin' tracks. It'll make you say "where the hell did these guys come from?".  
Price: $10.99

Les Swashbucking Napoleons "F***" CD

Produced by: Edison, Omid

Featuring: Verble, Neila, K-the-I???, 2Mex, Existereo, LifeRexall and Nabahe

2010 Grimm Image Records

Description: Bleubird, Thesis Sahib and producer Edison form to create Les Swashbuckling Napoleons, as they finally drop a follow up to their first 7" released in 2003. 12 tracks to keep you busy!  
Price: $11.99

Liferexall "$martyr Instrumentals" CD-R

Produced by: Liferexall

No Guests

2007 Dollar Bin Junkie

Description: Just like it sounds, Instrumental version of the "Money Symbol Martyrs" album.  
Price: $9.99

Liferexall "Dollar Bin Jewels" CD-R

Produced by: Liferexall

Featuring: LMNO, Los Vegas, 2mex, Subtitle, $Martyr, The Shapeshifters, Matre, The Visionaries, Writer's Block & More

2006 Dollar Bin Junkie

Description: This collection is almost the opposite of "Smoke Signals" where this time around Liferexall has compiled a CD of tracks that he produced, rather than a collection of his raps...GREAT WORK!  
Price: $10.00

Liferexall "Smoke Signals" CD-R

Produced by: Liferexall, Mum's the word, Deeskee, WD4D

Featuring: 2Mex, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Ras Kass, Existereo, Die, Akuma, Tommy V, Neila, Deeskee, the League, Awol One, Joe Dub, Subtitle, Xololanxinxo, Lord Zen (Visionaries) and more

2004 Dollar Bin Junkie

Description: This is a collection of rarities, out of print singles and posse cuts that Rexall has appeared on all on one disc! Also includes some brand new exclusive material.  
Price: $10.00

Liferexall "A New Life for Old Souls" CD-R

Produced by: Liferexall of the Shapeshifters


2001 Dollar Bin Junkie

Description: Includes an instrumental version of "Words Of WizDumb" From "Adopted By Aliens". Pick this one up and go through a journey of new life to those old soul joints.....  
Price: $8.99

Longevity "Jetlag"

Produced by: Longevity (Darkleaf)

Features: Existereo, Lord Zen (Visionaries), St. Mark 9:23, Mix Master Wolf, Kemit (Darkleaf)

2003 Warrior Music

Description: Mostly instrumental CD brought to you by the creator of 2Mex's "Sweat Lodge Infinite" CD and many of the Darkleaf classics.  
Price: $10.00

Longevity "The Thing" EP

Produced by: Longevity (Darkleaf), Jizzm High Definition, Pablo Like Picasso, JRA, Yashua

Features: DJ Dusk, P.E.A.C.E., Otherwize, Kemit (Darkleaf), Burning Star, St. Mark 9:23,

2007 Warrior Music

Description: Longevity's latest creation....much like the "Warrior Music" album, this one is very solid with lots of guests and guest producers. This one won't dissapoint!  
Price: $8.99

Longevity "Game Manual 9.0" CD-R

Produced by: Longevity (Darkleaf)

Features: Existereo, Darkleaf, Phoenix Orion, 2Mex, Aceyalone, Otherwize, Awol One

2003 Warrior Music

Description: Mostly instrumental CD brought to you by the creator of 2Mex's "Sweat Lodge Infinite" CD and many of the Darkleaf classics.  
Price: $10.00

Los Feo Faces "Hater's Camp" CD

Produced by: Sully, Aiker Metatron, Front Business, Avatar, Eric Crusher, Tidwell, Everybody Knows

Features: Mic Sessions, EK, Ape9, Verble, K-The-I???, 2mex, Xololanxinxo, Sleep, JamesBarrie, Ira Lee, L.O.R.D., Mike Eagle, Bleu Bird

2011 Grimm Image Records

Description: The lost artform of the "Posse Album" has been resurrected with this brilliant piece of work! 12 tracks in all!  
Price: $9.99

Los Vegas & C-4mula (Half Click Project) "From Cali to Vegas" CD

Produced by: Liferexall, Chali, Gifted Glitch, Lisn & more

Features: Brawdcast, Ill-Lit, Speach Impediments, Mukwenda

2006 Edumacated Hustle Entertainment

Description: From O.C.'s Ill-Literature Crew....you've been hearing guest appearances from these guys for the last few years on albums like Liferexall's "Frequency Response", $martyr, Deeskee's "Invisible Enemy 2" Mixtape, etc....here's a full album! Produced mostly by Liferexall, 16 tracks.  
Price: $10.99

Lovebomb Soundclash CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee, PBOFA, Alex 75, Johnny Rico

Features: Dave Dub (Subcontents/ Executive Lounge)

2001 Asita Recordings

Description: The lovebomb soundclash is Joe Dub, Deeskee and Topic. Styles range from Bay Area Funk, Dub, Electro and good old hip hop beats....Nice little example of what happens when different sounds collide. Sleeper hit of 2001.  
Price: $10.00

Maleko "Let's Get Digital" CD

Produced by: Cosmic, Ludeloops, J.Mann, Guidebook Beats, Joe Dub, Joe Kidd, 1985R, Ski, M-Sol, Noncents, Space Ranger, Pan!k, Joe Kidd, Dramacausinpoet, Avatar, Minikape, J7

Features: Cosmic, Optimus Rhymes, Raj, Spaceranger, Pan!k, Caustic, Lee Rick, Nappy Dread Cuts by J-Munee, DJ Gimix, Mr Ketamine

2011 Knew West Entertainment

Description: Maleko, Optimus Rhymes and Autoflo come correct with this 14 track bay area banger...lots of good old fashioned party bangers with a touch of style.  
Price: $6.99

Maleko, Optimus Rhymes, Autoflo "The Blockrockers" CD

Produced by: Mr Slugsworth, Elineye

Features: Spex, Vince Vega

2006 JKC Music/ Knew West Entertainment

Description: Maleko, Optimus Rhymes and Autoflo come correct with this 14 track bay area banger...lots of good old fashioned party bangers with a touch of style.  
Price: $10.99

Maleko "Omnidirectional" CD-R

Produced by: Joe Dub, Deeskee, Anti-MC, Jericho J, Gunther B, WD4D, Tommy V, Agile, and more

Features: Tommy V, Raj, Space Ranger, Matre, Pilot Rase, DJ Roach, Radioinactive, Agile, Triangulum, Neila, Private School, JKC, Chump Change Charlie, Pseudo, Enzyme, and more

2003 la2thebay

Description: This is Maleko's "Posse Cut" album (much like Tommy V's "Quarter Life Crisis" and Awol One's "Three Eyed Cowz") focusing mainly on different producers and guest spots on each track. 18 tracks in all, including a few rare, vintage and unreleased cuts thrown in the mix.  
Price: $7.00

Maleko "Nocturnal Journals" CD-R

Produced by: Joe Dub

Features: Space Ranger (Araknophobix), Joe Dub, IranY, Tommy V, Raj, Pilot Rase, Complex Unknown, WD4D, Redeye

2001 Highground Industries

Description: Maleko gives you all a 10 cut appetizer before the release of "Omnidirectional". NONE of these songs will be featured on his upcoming full-length.  
Price: $7.00

Maleko "Thinking Outloud" (CD-R bonus re-issue)

Produced by: Deeskee, Kiilani aka Matth (Anticon), Maleko

Features: Raj, Johnny Rico (Araknophobix) Kiilani, Bucket, Nebula (Araknophobix), Spaceranger (Araknophobix) Tommy V

1999 la2thebay

Description: Maleko's debut solo album recorded between 1997-1999. Considered classic in many circles. This is the album that defined the melodic "Maleko" sound. Contains 4 songs not on the tape.  
Price: $7.00

Maleko "Resume" CD-R

Produced by: Alex 75, Joe Dub, Maleko, Kegs One, Ian, Deeskee, Anonymous INC, Optimus Rhymes, Dave Redeye, Agile, evs


2003 Sublevel Epidemic/ Biofidelic

Description: This is a collection of songs from other people's albums that Maleko made guest appearances on plus 6 exclusives. Please check the TRACK LISTING before purchase!  
Price: $7.00

Matre "Easter Sonday" CD

Produced by: Jericho J, DJ Orator

Features: 2mex, Pigeon John, DJ Drez, Esto Es Eso, Baby Stone

2008 Matre Music

Description: Matre's latest and greatest work to date! All brand new material ranging from several moods, styles, genres...even languages. Very Artistically mature and great listening.  
Price: $11.99

Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa "Day By Day" CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

No Guests

2009 Broken Complex

Description: New joint by the dynamic duo...For those of you npot knowing about Mine+Us....stop sleepin! He's one of the hardest rappin' cats in the game...12 tracks. produced by DJ Hoppa so you know it's fresh.  
Price: $10.99

Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa "Avantgardening: Cultivating Food For Thought" CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

Features: Jess Imme

2006 Broken Complex

Description: For those of you not knowing about Mine+Us....stop sleepin! He's one of the hardest rappin' cats in the game...19 tracks in all, produced by DJ Hoppa so you know it's fresh.  
Price: $10.99

M. Fusion "This Solution" CD

Produced by: M. Fusion

No Guests

2009 Nice Records

Description: Once again...M Fusion takes it to another level! Harddriving fdrum breaks feed an eerie synth soundscape reminiscent of a well crafted Carpenter-esque film soundtrack. Not your typical electro-hop album. 13 tracks in all.  
Price: $11.99

Mindclouders (2Mex & Mum's the Word) "Fake it Until You Make it" CD

Produced by: Mum's the Word

Features: Circus, Awol One, The Visionaries, Vixen, Puzoozoo Watt, Busdriver, Liferexall, Iriscience, Subtitle

2000 Concentrated Records

Description: 2Mex and Mum's collabo album, not to be slept on. Lots of classic material on this album, including "Upside Down 6".  
Price: $10.00

Mnemonic "Mnemonic Radio" CD

Produced by: Mnemonic

Features: Percee P, Planet Asia, Luckyiam, LMNO, Phil The Agony

2008 Top Nation

Description: Brand new joint from the camp that brought you "LA's Finest" straight up boom bap bang boom hip hop! 20 track total.  
Price: $11.99

Neila "Better Late Than Never" CD

Produced by: Avatar

Features: Awol One, DJ ESP, Sleep, 2mex, Avatar, Myk Mansun, Gel Roc, Liferexall, Smile Oak, Xololanxinxo, evs, Volume 10, Bigg Jus (Company Flow), LA Jae


Description: Neila's back and better than ever! 15 tracks of hard hitting hip hop joints & a stellar cast of guests.  
Price: $10.00

Thavius Beck "Crimson Tint" IMPORT CD

Produced by: Thavius Beck, Kool Thrasher, Debmaster

No Guests

2011 2-99 Records, Russia

Description: Nice little EP from Russia! Includes 3 brand new instrumental tracks by Thavius Beck and 2 guest produced tracks with his vocal stylings. 5 tracks total.  
Price: $10.99

The Nonce "Advanced Regression" CD-R

Produced by: The Nonce (Sach aka Nouka Basstype and Yusef Afloat)

No Guests

1992/ 2005 Afflatus Recordings/ la2thebay

Description: Remember hip hop??? Remember when hip hop artists had TALENT? Do you remember those days? Well, they're back....way back in 1992. Thankfully The Nonce recorded lots of material before the untimely passing of Yusef Afloat. This album was recorded before "World Ultimate" sounds a lot like an indy "World Ultimate".  
Price: $9.99

The Nonce "The Right State of Mind" CD

Produced by: The Nonce (Sach aka Nouka Basstype and Yusef Afloat)

Features: Mark the Murderer

1997/ 2005 Afflatus Recordings/ la2thebay

Description: This disc is the last material that Sach and Yusef Afloat Recorded as The Nonce. This is material recorded during and after the sessions of their last official release "The Sight of Things". Some of these mixes are a bit rough but it shouldn't bother the die hard fans.  
Price: $9.99

Of Mexican Descent/ Writer's Block/ Brother J "Live at the Knitting Factory " CD-R

Produced by: Ant, deeskee, Necro, Nobody, Mascaria and more

Features: Xololanxinxo, 2Mex, Darkleaf, Existereo, Liferexall, Busdriver, Zen, Dannu, Brother J, Mark Luv, LMNO, Awol One

2002 Memo Records

Description: Another excellent live recording in the la2thebay catalog! This was a show for the ages and lucky for us the whole thing was recorded.  
Price: $10.00

Omid "Distant Drummer" CD

Produced by: OD (Beneath The Surface)

Features: Nikko, DJ Drez

2002 Beneath The Surface Music

Description: OD has always proven with his sound that he's ahead of the times....here's further proof. If you're into somewhat experimental [mostly] instrumental hip hop this one's for you.  
Price: $10.99

Omid "Afterwords II" CD-R

Produced by: Omid (Beneath The Surface)


2000 Beneath The Surface Music

Description: this is an older title released shortly after "Beneath the Surface" and re-issued in limited quantities so grab one now!  
Price: $10.00

Omid "Omid Presents...." CD-R

Produced by: Omid (Beneath The Surface)

Features: Of Mexican Descent, Spoon, Freestyle Fellowship, Jizzm, GPAC, Scarub, Sach, DJ Drez, Busdriver and more

2003 Beneath The Surface Music

Description: this is a collection assembled by Omid himself of 16 of his favorite cuts, includes lots of rare & unreleased music!  
Price: $10.00

Paris Zax "Unpath'd Waters" CD

Produced by: Paris Zax

Features: Blackbyrd (Darkleaf), Will Dog (Ozomatli), Jack Lewis, Isaac Sprintis, Ty Anderson, Devin 17, Snooky Young, Bob Elfort

2005 Alpha Pup Records

Description: Very impressive instrumental debut by Paris Zax, Best known for his work with The Shapeshifters, Metfly, Overfiendz, Busdriver, 2Mex and Neila. This album will take you on a wild ride!  
Price: $11.99

Presto "Magic" CD

Produced by: Presto

Features: Sach, LA Jae, DJ Dusk, In-Q, L. Scatterbrain, J Medeiros (Procussions), Lowd, DJ Haul, Kim Hill & More

2006 Concrete Grooves

Description: Wow. 15 tracks, some instrumental, some with DJs and MCs....great music! This incredible piece of work is the perfect break from the boom bap! Also Available on Vinyl!  
Price: $11.99

Record Players "Direct Drive" CD-R

Produced by: Joe Dub, Deeskee, Alex 75, Ayentee

Featuring: Joe Dub, Neila, Raj, Maleko, Spaceranger, Secluded Journalists, JeSFSM, El Uno, Tommy V

2003 Asita Entertainment

Description: 15 tracks, 7 from the 2001 release and 8 brand new ones. Includes "Flight 279", "Day Two" and "Naybody".  
Price: $10.00

Sach "Seven Days To Engineer" CD-R

Produced by: Sach

Featuring: Aceyalone, Yusef Afloat, Jane Doe The Oracle

1998/ 2004 Afflatus

Description: The return of Sach's first solo joint! He made this album in the GPAC era, but instead of compiling songs he challenged himself to make this entire album from the ground up...in 7 days! This is a limited CD re-issue by Sach himself.  
Price: $9.99

Scholars & Teachers "Shaman Prophecies 2012" CD SINGLE

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: 2mex


Description: 3 song single by El Maya 10 (Of Scholars & Teachers) Produced by Deeskee. Spoken word/ rap stylings with teachings of Mayan prophecies & culture, shamanism and just some clever personal lyrics. FREE WITH PURCHASE OF 2 OR MORE ITEMS  
Price: $3.99

Sirah & DJ Hoppa "Clean Windows Dirty Floors" CD

Produced by: DJ Hoppa

No Guests

2008 Broken Complex

Description: Nice Classic East Coast style hip hop joint...rhymes about NY City, Graf & gritty reality....great CD.  
Price: $9.99

Speakeasy (Bleek, Avatar & DJ Lime Green) CD

Produced by: Avatar

Featuring: Existereo, Awol One, Perk One, Tash (Tha Liks), Jizzm, 2mex, Akuma, Tha Conclusion, Concept, Qba Libre, Disaster


Description: When these two get together thay always do something dope...now a whole album! 20 tracks to keep your head nodding....and the beer flowing. Ridiculously nice artwork.  
Price: $9.99

Subtitle "Nerves of Ice" IMPORT CD

Produced by: Subtitle, Lab Waste, Mum's The Word, Dj Hooker, Small Is Beautiful

Featuring: Existereo, LMNO, Bleubird, Tes, Crunc Tesla

2009 2-99 Records, Russia/ B.E.A.R.

Description: Sub's triumphant return to the "hard copy" world! great album. Some vintage unreleased stuff & brand new bangers.  
Price: $11.99

Subtitle "Marks In Angles" CD

Produced by: Giovanni Marks, Lazersword, Debruit

Featuring: Bleubird, Megabusive

2007 Team 2Mex

Description: The first official release from the brand new Team 2Mex label! Sub's albums just keep getting better and better, and this is no exception! 16 tracks (includes remixes of "Subtalk", "Scared In Cold Blood" and "Staylow 31".  
Price: $10.99

The Returners "Break Up Your Make Up" LIMITED CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee

Featuring: Busdriver, Awol One, Akuma, Liferexall, POS (Doomtree/ RSE), Grayskul, Clockwerk (Iame & Gold), Candidt (Oldominion)

2009 F*** A LABEL

Description: Another album that was put on the shelf for years, 2Mex, Die, Stacey Dee, and Deeskee bring the horror, with love. 12 tracks.  
Price: $9.99

Tropiczone Swap Import CD

Produced by: Porter, Third Person, Deeskee, Dday One, RPK, Dynamo, E-Wan, Womb, Antti Szurawitzki, Olonaise, CSM

Featuring: Abstract Rude, Nadasdi, Nocando, Ellay Khule, Subtitle, Die, Radioinactive, Orko, Innaspace, LMNO, Peshi, Paranorml, Disflex.6, Ceebrolistics, Kel, Prosperous, Rodan Kairos

2006 247 Records, Sweden

Description: You've been waiting long enough.....The ultimate Cali to Sweden compilation! 22 tracks deep, and there's definately something on here for everyone....ALSO AVAILABLE ON VINYL!  
SALE! $8.99

Verble "7 Stories" CD

Produced by: Ghost Notes (Anonymous INC family)

Featuring: David Ramos

2008 Grimm Image

Description: Brand new joint by the latest addition to the family, Verble...If you caught him on tour with 2mex, you know he's no joke....Excellent production, excellent writing and a new voice in the game for you to discover.  
Price: $9.99

The Underbombers (Dave Dub, Persevere, Zest The Smoker, Dj Roe) "Classics" CD-R

Produced by: Peanut Butter Wolf, Fanatik, DJ Roe, Persevere

Featuring: Vinroc

2002 Isolated Wax

Description: 14 Classics by San Jose's Underbombers Crew, mixed by Tapemaster Steph. Includes "My Old Nasty Habit", "Necromancin" and "Tables Turn". Great Listen.  
Price: $10.00

Wayward Saints (Presto & Avatar) "Future Vintage" CD

Produced by: Presto & Avatar

Featuring: Presto (Keys & Beats) Avatar (Bass & Rhythm Guitar), Smile Oak (Tenor Sax), Jacob Slim (Lead Guitar), DJ Rylo (Turntables)

2009 Concrete Grooves

Description: Two of the most prolific and talented guys in the camp, together flex their skills as musicians (finally) for this nice acid-jazzy live band project. WILL NOT DISSAPOINT! 16 tracks.  
Price: $10.99

Xololanxinxo "The Victim" (Tapes From a Stolen Car) CD-R

Produced by: Production by Anti-MC, Nobody, Nonaim and more

Featuring: 2mex, Jizzm, Radioinactive, The Weather

1998 Afterlife

Description: Another OMD Classic. This has all of the songs from the original tape plus some bonus cuts. This is the essential Xololanxinxo album.  
Price: $10.00

Xololanxinxo "People Kill the Person" CD-R

Produced by: Omid, Mum's the Word, Deeskee, Jizzm

Featuring: LMNO, Zen (Visionaries)

2003 Memo Records

Description: 13 tracks from Xinxo that you've all been waiting for. Top notch production, studio recorded. This is a tour CD so it's not the final version, but you can get it here first!!!!! Includes "The Dying Chain".  
Price: $10.00

Xololanxinxo "Names" CD-R

Produced by: Deeskee

No Guests

2003 la2thebay

Description: Another Xinxo album? Yes. 11 previously unreleased studio cuts including a couple of freestyles and a couple of spoken word pieces. This is another special item for the Creative Differences tour.  
Price: $9.99


$5 Qt


Highground Industries

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