Friends and Family:

Anonymous inc- Personal friends of ours and genius musicians from the Bay Area, now living in Connecticut.

Asita Recordings- Official site for Asita Recordings, also the Hawaiian division of Biofidelic Records.

Awol One- The Wolrus's official home page.

Feed Them Art- Professional graphic design, web design, silkscreening, and tape duplication services also available here.


Stores/ Gear/ labels:

247 Records- Nice new record store/ label in Sweden that carrys our stuff and releases our records there.

Access Music - Great store in San Diego, CA and online. Say hi to evs if you go there. He likes People.

Amoeba Music- Website for a couple of the dopest stores in the Bay Area and now a store in LA.

ATAK- Biggest STRICTLY underground hip hop mailorder catalog on the internet, reliable service.

Hiphopvinyl.de- Large online dealer in Germany, sells World Wide.

Phonographique- Cool distributor in Canada.

So Far West- Huge website, sells our music World Wide.

Vinylkingz- Website that sells our music in Germany.

We Nod- Nice friendly store in Tokyo, Japan.

World of Hip Hop- TONS of graf supplies for sale. Also music, DJ equipment and gear for sale.


Magazines & info:

Clout Distribution- Bay Area graf/ music magazine's online version.

Vinyl Exchange- Online Magazine site for the vinyl lover in all of us.


Art, Video and Graphic Design:

Conart- LA-Based graf gear pioneers. Lots of stuff to buy.

FTA- One of the bay area's oldest graf/ hip hop crews still in operation. Also the official site of Highground records.

Ghostshrimp- The worlds first solar powered illustration company.

Mear One CBS- One of the greats in Graf. Lots of artwork to check out, and some stuff for sale.

Saber One- Finally a site dedicated to Saber's work. I've been following his work for years, please check this out!


Extended family/ other stuff to peep:

Anticon- Yeah, Anticon.

Blatta & N- Dope Living Legends affiliated crew......lots of music to listen to and buy on this site. Don't sleep!

Hypoetical - The official site for our homie Hypoetical's music.

Living Legends- If you don't know who these guys are, get out from under that rock.

Up Above- Long Beach's finest label.