perverted music tastes volume one song listing.

1.McDonald and Giles-suite in C

2.The Beatles-Blue Jay Way

3.Sonic Youth-becuz

4.The Rapture-Mirror

5.GoGoGo Airheart-Good Things

6.Six Fingered Satellite-The pain has gone away

7.The Chap-culture and modesty

(minute organ segueway from The Vanishing)

8.Glass Candy-Nite Nurses V.2

9.Hella-Bitches ain't shit but good people

10.Adult-Don't you stop (solvent vs. phonecia rmx)

11.daedalus-quiet now (feat. Busdriver making a noise)

12.Snooze-down for mine

13.Arovane/Phonem-Valid Fard

14.Autechre-Arch Carrier

15.Chris Clark-Vrend (shanny)


17.EL-P- Time Out of Joint instrumental

18.Yesterday's New Quintet-something off of the Amhad Miller record.

19.Themselves-good people check

20.All City-who dat? Instrumental

21.Aceyalone and Self Jupiter-4808-4911

22.Sach-Black Earth

23.Sir Menelik and Kool Keith-So Intelligent

24.SonGodSunz-Love Fights Back

25.Jay Dilla-It's Dope instrumental

26.Curtis Mayfield-Doo Doo Wap is strong in here.

27.Doug Carn-Western Sunrise

28.Miles Davis-Rated X

29.David Axelrod-Mujer Extrana (strange lady)