Maleko "Resume"

1. "Intro" produced by Maleko (Unreleased)

2. "Confidence" w/ Joe Dub produced by Alex 75. Taken from Young Joseph "Summer Fling"

3. "Second Wind" w/ Da Goldenray produced by Deeskee. Taken from "Strictly Indee" Compilation

4. "Rock Solid" produced by Kegs One (Unreleased)

5. "Abnormal Psychology" w/ Spaceranger & cuts by Deeskee produced by Joe Dub. Taken from Sublevel Epidemic 7"

6. "A Peace Of Time" w/ Tommy V and Raj produced by evs. Taken from Tommy V "Quarter Life Crisis"

7. "Broken Wings" w/ Tommy V and Dose One. produced by Anonymous INC taken from their self titled CD.

8. "24 Hours Left" w/ Joe Dub, Tommy V, Chib, Araknophobix. produced by Warlock. Taken from Araknophobix "Lost Worlds"

9. "Yellow Brick Road" produced by Kegs One (Unreleased)

10. "Motion" w/ Ian of IranY produced by Ian. Taken from Ian "Partials"

11. "Cooler Heads Prevail" w/ Joe Dub and Raj produced by Deeskee. Taken from Raj "Conscious Contemplation"

12. "I Know What You Did Last Summer" w/ JKC produced by Optimus Rhymes. Taken from "Rip, Mix, Burn" Compilation

13. "Area 51" w/ Complex Unknown produced by Agile. Taken From Complex Unknown "Enter the Next Dimension"

14. "Mind Pen" (Neo Tokyo Remix) produced By Dave Redeye (Unreleased)

15. "Abnormality" produced by Kegs One (Unreleased)

16. "Subterrenean" produced by Maleko (Unreleased)

17. "Bay View Window" w/ Max (Man Against Xerox), Perfecto, Maleko, Raj (Administer), Jundax, Vainglory, Ceschi, David, iCON the Mic King, Safahri Ra (Earthlings) produced by Anonymous INC (Unreleased)