2Mex & Liferexall are $Martyr/ Busdriver SPLIT 12"

Produced by: J The Sarge & DJ Evoke

No Guests

2007 High Art

Description: 2 Brand new exclusive tracks "Everybody's the Best" and "Viacom Puppeteer" includes instrumentals and acapellas!  
Price: $6.59

2Mex "Pavilions of Sound/ 3 to 13/ Seconds Ago" 12"

Produced by: Longevity (Darkleaf) and Tony Hajjar (Sparta/ At The Drive In)

Features: Aceyalone

2003 Temporary Whatever

Description: These songs are taken from the full length Sweat Lodge Infinite album (2Mex and Longevity). Includes instrumentals and a remix of "Pavilions of Sound".  
Price: $5.99

All Her Exes (Xololanxinxo, Akuma, Avatar) "It Never Over" LP

Produced by: Avatar

No Guests

2010 Grimm Image

Description: Nice new wave throwback dance beats with a nice mix of socially conscious and off the wall sexual subject matter. Sure to get the party started! 8 tracks CD COMING SOON  
Price: $10.99

Awol One & Factor "Only Death Can Kill You" IMPORT 12"

Produced by: Factor

Featuring: DJ Swamp, DJ Weez-l

2007 Sideroad Records, Canada

Description: 2 cuts from the CD (Old Babies, Sunrise Sandwich) plus an exclusive bonus cut featuring the legendary DJ Swamp...plus all 3 instrumentals!  
Price: $7.00

Busdriver "Ass To Mouth/ Colour Wheel" 7"

Produced by: Loden

Featuring: No Guests

2011 Polyvinyl Records

Description: A taste of Busdriver's highly anticipated upcoming full-length, by far more daring and genre-defying than any effort he has released previously.  
Price: $5.99 OUT OF STOCK  

Collective Elements "Fight Back" 7"

Produced by: DJ Vadim

Featuring: Jah Sun & Travis B

2010 Collective Elements

Description: A Great Dub/ Reggae track from the album plus bonus dub version! Get your soundclash on.  
Price: $5.00

Contraband (Joe Dub, Alex 75 & DJ Marz) "Electronic World/ PSA" 7"

Produced by: Alex 75

Featuring: Devin The Dude

2010 Asita Recordings

Description: Joe Dub + Alex 75 = Classic + Devin The Dude = Must own x 2.  
Price: $5.00

Easy Rider Presents: Joe Dub, DJ Marz, Eddie K 7"

Produced by: Dj Marz & Joe Dub

Featuring: Joe Dub, DJ Marz, Eddie K

2003 Easy Rider Records

Description: SF imprint Easy Rider brings you the first in a series of limited edition 7"s featuring some of your favorites. Easy Rider is all about good independent hip hop and soul shit, so don't sleep!  
Price: $5.00

Ellay Khule "Knuckle Sandwich/ Rifleman" 7"

Produced by: CVE

No Guests

2010 Cali Classics

Description: 2 Classic Rifleman track from '93. here's your chance to have them remastered on vinyl! Limited and going fast!  
Price: $5.00

EX2 "Look Away"/ "Snake Charmer"/ "Curveball" 12

Produced by: Daddy Kev, Mike Nardone, WD4D

Featuring: DJ Roach

2002 Abolano Records

Description: 3 tracks plus 2 instrumentals. Forget everything you know about EX2, This record is a shocker. A+ Quality.  
Price: $5.99

Ex Vandalz "Industry Standard" EP

Produced by: Perk One, Deeskee, Avatar, Joe Dub

Featuring: Raaka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), 2Mex, Ellay Khule, Existereo, Xololanxinxo, Akuma, Awol One, Smashpop, K984, Mek One

2006 Vandal Squad

Description: The Ex Vandalz are back with their best material yet! 9 Tracks total for your listening pleasure. Includes full color picture cover with original artwork by Perk One.  
Price: $9.99

Existereo & Deeskee/ M Fusion "Cry Me a River/ Cry Me a River REMIX" 7"

Produced by: Deeskee & M Fusion

No Guests

2008 Nice Records

Description: Here's Nice little treat courtesy of Nice Records! Existereo & Deeskee "Cry Me A River" from the "Hopeless Crooks" album + a remix by M Fusion. Nice additon to that collection!  
Price: $5.00

Factor "Famous Nights and Empty Days" LIMITED IMPORT LP

Produced by:Factor

Featuring: Joe Dub, Matre, Existereo, Barfly, Die Young, Akuma, Awol One, Kirby Dominant, Def3, Chaps

2006 Sideroad Records, Canada

Description: Here's a nice little surprise from north of the border....A vinyl edition of Factor's Famous Nights and Empty Days" Album. Features a selection of tracks from the full-length CD.  
Price: $10.99

Neila "Vertical Trees" EP

Produced by: Daddy Kev, Omid, Liferexall, Deeskee, DJ Casey

No Guests

2003 Invisible Enemy

Description: Need one? Well, we have a few more! This is the vinyl only EP version of "Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves" which was released several months before the full length album. 5 songs (one is not on the CD) and 4 instrumentals, 9 tracks in all. Get one while they last!  
Price: $7.99

Old Joseph "The Walk"

Produced by: Joseph, Alex 75, Deeskee

No Guests.

2003 Asita Recordings


The long awaited follow-up to Summer Fling! Everything you'd expect from Joe Dub and then some....well structured songs, excellent production and a clean yet raw sound. Original arwork by David Flores, Liner notes by the SF Masher. Pressed on high quality european virgin vinyl. 11 tracks in all.

Price: $10.00

M Fusion (DJ Fusion) "Poplok/ WKRP/ Poplok (SP12 Version) 7"

Produced by: M Fusion

No Guests

1996 Nice Records


This rare little gem was originally released in 1996 on M Fusion's NICE Records label....after 10 years he has unearthed a few of these and blessed la2thebay with some copies! These are original prints, NOT RE-ISSUES!

Price: $5.99

M Fusion "American Bandstand/ Kaneda" 7"

Produced by: M Fusion

No Guests

2008 Nice Records


Our favorite excentric DJ does it again with 2 brand new tracks, stickin' true to his signature sound! Nice raw stuff reminiscent of the Blue EP.

Price: $5.00

M Fusion "Expo 70" Bonus 12" LP

Produced by: M Fusion & Deeskee

Features: Akuma, Die, Existereo, Subtitle

2004 Nice Records


Selections and remixes from M Fusion's experimental hit "Expo '70". Includes a Remix of Die's "Plan 9.5" Existereo's "Cautious Thunder" (From "Crush Groove") and a remix of Die's "I Love You" (from the Dead Air Project) By Deeskee. 11 TRACKS!

Price: $8.99

M Fusion "Inside/ See You/ Plan 9/ Freedom" aka The Blue EP 12"

Produced by: M Fusion

No Guests.

2003 Nice Records


Solo 12" by M Fusion, production mastermind behind Die's "Dead Air" album. Includes "Plan 9" which also appears on the CD version of Dead Air.

Price: $6.99

Tropiczone Swap PART 2 Import LP

Produced by: Porter, Third Person, E-Wan, Womb, Dynamo, Olonaise, CSM, RPK

Featuring: Nocando, Subtitle, Prosperous, Innaspace, Paranorml, Nadasdi, Ceebrolistics

2006 247 Records, Sweden

Description: Here's the missing link! All of the rest of the tracks from the CD that were not included on Tropiczone Part 1, Plus bonus cuts!!!!!!!!!  
Price: $12.99



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